COP23 Event, Bonn: Sea Blind – The Price of Shipping our Stuff

Documentary and Discussion on Arctic Shipping

Climate Planet – Bonn Rheinauen Park
8th November 2017, 1330-1440

The shipping industry is one of the world’s most polluting, yet unregulated industries. Vessels sailing throughout our oceans often burn the dirtiest of all fuels – heavy fuel oil (HFO), but it is in the Arctic that the use of HFO is particularly dangerous. Not only would a spill have disastrous consequences for the ecosystem and the local communities that depend on it, emissions of black carbon from HFO combustion also accelerate Greenland and Arctic sea ice melt. With Arctic shipping routes opening up further, how can we ensure increased shipping doesn’t threaten the Arctic and accelerate global climate change?
In her documentary Sea Blind Bernice Notenboom takes us on a trip north into the Arctic, to meetings with shipping insiders, journalists, environmentalists and world-renowned climate scientists. Sea Blind is a powerful and convincing illustration of what increased shipping and heavy fuel oil could mean for both the Arctic ecosystem and climate change, and looks at what potential alternatives to HFO use in the Arctic might entail.
Following the movie screening, the Clean Arctic Alliance will introduce the Arctic Commitment, an initiative calling on businesses and organisations to step forward and call for a phase-out of heavy fuel oil from Arctic shipping, before holding a moderated panel discussion that will include Sea Blind filmmaker and polar explorer Bernice Notenboom. The audience is encouraged to join in the discussion.

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